Our Philosophy


For over 50 years our products have been inspired by nature and well-being of women, our challenge is to enhance their natural beauty by taking care of their hair. This is the spirit that still characterizes our philosophy.


Our products are like our brand, simple and timeless, the symbol of our heritage and knowledge. Herbatint has always been the most natural alternative in the field of permanent hair coloring. The colors, nuances, and shades offer each woman the color that best expresses her personality. A true art in creating the best results while keeping hair healthy.

Our focus on naturalness drives us to use the purest raw materials and carefully selected 8 organic plant extracts. This focus goes right down to our packaging, which is 100% recyclable and sustainable for the environment.

Passion and dedication lead us towards innovation and research. Delicate and finely balanced formulas, perfected over time, are specifically designed to provide the safest and most natural alternative in hair colouring.

We have an exclusive commitment to beauty and the well-being of color treated hair. This long tradition is enhanced over the years by dynamism and consistency, the know-how that day by day guides the production.

Honesty, trust, cooperation, mutual respect, and above all transparency and excellence are the core foundation of all our relationships. We pride ourselves on our trustworthy products with accessible prices.


Herbatint meets the highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency

Herbatint joins Zero Impact Web®, to reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions that are derived from the use of the internet

We support the cause of animal rights, siding against animal testing, in support of the abolition of all forms of exploitation 

Our fully recyclable packaging can be reused and only uses materials from responsibly managed forests



Herbatint has saves over a million plastic bottles a year from ending up in landfills with our reusable Application Kit.


Say goodbye to the single-use plastic bottle that most at-home hair dyes use. Instead, Herbatint stands by our zero-waste promise by encouraging our users to purchase an Application Kit with their first Permanent Hair Gel color purchase.


Unline other box hair dyes that rely on single-use plastic waste, our reusable Application Kit is 100% recyclable and sustainable for the environment!