Herbatint, the main brand of Antica Erboristeria, was founded in 1970 following a brilliant intuition of its founder, the herbalist Michele Albergo, who focused his research on a coloring formula that could combine product efficacy with hair and skin health. Thanks to his outstanding knowledge of medicinal herbs, starting from formulations based on herbal extracts, he progressively reduced the percentage of chemical ingredients, including hydrogen peroxide.

"Producing a high-quality and highly balanced formula is a challenging task. It requires experience, precision, countless tests and a strong determination." - Michele Albergo, founder of Antica Erboristeria


Michele Albergo was strongly influenced by the Swiss herbalist with whom he had carried out his apprenticeship when he was young. He applied the knowledge gained, which had been passed down from generation to generation, in the production of Herbatint’s formulas. Thus, in a sector dominated by large multinational companies producing ammonia-based hair coloring, aimed only at product performance, Antica Erboristeria introduced a totally innovative formula: a permanent hair coloring containing herbal extracts without the use of ammonia and with a very low percentage of hydrogen peroxide. 


Passion and knowledge of herbal properties were fused together to find the most natural alternative to traditional ‘chemical’ colorings.


Due to its perfect coverage of grey hair since the first application and the wide selection of colors in accordance with hair structure, Herbatint is still today, after over 50 years, the undisputed market leader of permanent coloring without ammonia.


Antica Erboristeria manages the entire chain production (research, production and marketing) applying a strict control at every level of industrialization, thanks to the expertise it has gained over the years and the recognized quality of its formula. Today Herbatint is known and purchased by millions of consumers in over 40+ countries.


The Herbatint formula contains 8 organic herbal extracts and has been successfully tested on sensitive skin. Our permanent hair gel was crafted with our #HerbatintLovers in mind and continues to be the ‘most natural alternative’ amongst the competition. The package evolution has transformed into the well-known box today, used to target a broader audience who is looking for natural and sustainable permanent hair care products.