How To Apply Organic Henna Powder


Step One: Get a pair of gloves, a bowl with lukewarm water, and a whisk. Use an old towel to protect your clothes and shower cap or plastic wrap for setting the color.


Step Two: Pour the required amount of powder into the bowl. Add water little by little and mix well. When the mixture has the consistency of yogurt, it is ready!


Step Three: Wash your hair and towel dry it. Cover your shoulders with the towel, put on the gloves and apply the mix from the roots to the ends with your hands or a brush.


Step Four: Cover hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap. Leave in place for 60 minutes if you have lighter hair or 90 minutes if you have darker hair.


Step Five: Rinse hair until water runs clear. Do NOT use shampoo for 48 hours; instead use your conditioner to rinse out.


1.Organic henna powder CANNOT lighten your hair. The product can only enhance your natural color or make your hair color a darker shade.

2. Because henna is chemical-free, it works by coating the hair follicle. Do not use chemical permanent hair dyes after application as these will not work.


3. Depending on the length or thickness of your hair, the henna powder may require two applications to achieve the ideal color result

4. With each application, color will become darker; to avoid this, apply on roots as needed and do a full color application every 8 weeks.